Op 133 Studios

microSketch image

MicroSketch is a music app for playing and experimenting with equal divisions of the octave. The division can be anything from 7 to 96. The app is polyphonic up to the capabilities of your device’s processor (typically 24 voices) and multi-timbral with 16 ‘instrumental’ timbres. The instruments are all fully synthesized (no samples!) using subtractive, additive, frequency modulation, the Karplus-Strong string model, VoSim, and granular synthesis techniques.
The keyboard can have a variable number of keys arranged in a square from 5 by 5 up to 15 by 15. The keyboard is isomorphic, with the horizontal and vertical interval set independently for each instrument. Other properties of the instruments can also be set independently, like the pan position, amplitude, and reverb mix amount. The bottom note for each instrument can also be set. Each instrument can be set in ‘Sustain’ mode, where a key touch turns a note on, and another key touch releases the note. For some instruments, the ‘Sustain’ mode gives you a variation on that instrument. microSketch supports a number of MIDI tuning modes, and also features an OSC interface for wireless network communication.

The videos below illustrates some basic use and some of the sounds, using 31 steps to the octave.

This video has a short improvisation demonstrating the fully multi-timbral polyphony.